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January 5

Bath Time Fun Up To 80% Off @ Mumgo

Posted by on January 5, 2013 at 11:59 AM

Until Monday there’s Up To 80% off bathtime fun. Prices start at $5 and postage won’t cost you more than $9.

Bath Time Fun Up To 80% Off @ Mumgo

My little girl loves bath time. We often have ‘themed’ baths – some red, green or blue food colouring in the water, glitter to match, and then any plastic bath toys in the house that match the colour. She’ll happily play in the bath for an hour like that. Sometimes we add bath paints, shaving cream paints or similar, just to give her that added sensory experience. (If you’re interested, the blogger Growing a Jewelled Rose has awesome ideas for sensory baths)

I’m loving Mumgo’s offer today, because between the animal bath mitts, bath toys, creative bath toys and luscious bath towels, face clothes and everything else, we can have some serious fun, and I’m loving up to 80% off too!

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