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December 13

Baby Sleeping Bags $30 @ BestBaby

Posted by on December 13, 2012 at 10:41 PM

Best Baby have three different 0-6 month sleeping bags available for $30, down from $54.95, saving $24.95. In comparison, Toys R Us has one on sale for $71 and most others I’ve seen are certainly the other side of $30.

Baby Sleeping Bags $30 @ BestBaby

These sleeping bags were a godsend to me when my oldest was a baby. From the first time she was able to, she’d kick off any blankets placed on her, and to this day she still does. She doesn’t care if it’s winter or summer, if there’s something covering her, it’s got to go. Fortunately she doesn’t feel the same about clothes, so I’ve always been able to put her in a sleeping bag and at least she’s not frozen.

These are the cheapest I’ve seen any baby sleeping bags for a while, so grab them while they’re hot!

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