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February 1

7-In-1 Imperial Food Processor $99 @ SureDeal

Posted by on February 1, 2013 at 11:00 PM

I am a sucker for a kitchen gadget. If it promises to make my life easier, give me less time and more productivity in the kitchen, I’ll try it. Which normally leads to a lot of clutter in the kitchen, and machines that are a nightmare to clean after each use. There have been some real ‘misses’ in my time, and the¬†occasional fabulous ‘hit’.7 In 1 Imperial Food Processor $99 @ SureDeal

This 7-in-1 Imperial Food Processor is selling at SureDeal for $99 – if you do a quick Google you’ll see that’s a regular sale price for it, but I can’t see it on sale anywhere else at the moment. It is on sale elsewhere at it’s regular price of $299 though.

So, the Imperial Chef Multi- Purpose 7-in 1 Food Processing Station is meant to replace a lot of other equipment in your kitchen.

It has a heavy duty chute for juicing large fruits and vegetables, and a stainless steel blade for chopping – apparently this is uniquely designed. It also has a chopper for meat cutting, a wet food grinder and a dry food grinder. There’s a two-speed blender with a pulse function and a non-slip rubber base. It comes with a 1.5l jug for storing juices, and they say it’s easy to clean, assemble and disassemble.

The only real down side is that there’s a 4-6 week delivery period, meaning you may just have it in time for Mother’s Day – although I’d recommend putting a really pretty necklace or favourite box of chocolates inside, just to ease the pain of receiving cooking equipment for Mother’s Day.

So, you have around 130 hours left to make a decision, and when you buy you save $200, and will have this kitchen time and space saver shipped directly to you, no voucher redemption required.


7 Comments to “7-In-1 Imperial Food Processor $99 @ SureDeal”

  1. odysseus says:

    Bit skeptical about this. Everywhere that has had it apart from the seller, has had it for $99. And the one place that sells it for $299 is the original seller, who is selling it on those other sites. Thus, there’s nothing to benchmark it at $299, except they say so. And given they let it go so often, at so many places at $99, that appears to be the real price.

  2. Donkey says:

    I’d reckon your going to get $99 worth of food processor myself…

    whizzz….. whizzz….. BOOOM…..

  3. LouiseJ says:

    Fair enough @odysseus – but I didn’t see it currently at $99 elsewhere when I searched for it, so if someone was waiting around for it to come up at $99 again, this is it. As to quality @Donkey, I couldn’t agree more – I tend to go through a food processor a year, so I’m saving up for a Thermomix. But I know that’s not for everyone!

  4. odysseus says:

    Yeah, that was my point. It’s really a $99 processor and they’re just doing the equivalent of putting the -Was- $299 on it to get more sales, even though it’s probably never sold at that price.

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